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Phil von Stade

Prouts Neck Historical Society
Executive Director
Scarborough, ME
Background: After building a successful Digital Archive Museum for a small community in Maine, we had other communities ask us for advice. We are now working to develop these services into a comprehensive package to help those communities and others.

We wish to make it clear that there are more sophisticated methods and systems available to larger, well-funded organizations. In general they are much more time consuming, staff dependent and expensive. Our focus is on developing affordable systems and methods to help communities preserve their history well, and NOW, before local material has deteriorated in attics and closets, or is lost or destroyed. And these systems make it easy for them to manage and share their history in, fun ways that engage communities across all generations.

Audience: Small historical societies, churches, clubs and other organizations, most of which serve multi-generational communities.

- Building a digital archive
- Building a website
- Gathering material
- Digitization methods, equipment and services
- Newsletters - electronic & printed
- Social Media
- Books, Prints & More
- Live Presentations
- Finding helpful partners
- Staffing & Organization
- Legal Issues & Resources
- Membership & Fundraising

Brief Bio for you who got this far:)
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After over 30 years in the business world, I sold the company I founded - VSI International - in 2006 to pursue my dream of sailing with my wife for several years on a catamaran.

For the last six years I have been deeply involved in research into aging and memory - specifically autobiographic memory, which ties into my life-long interest in photography as a memory aid.

Memory Glass, LLC was created to develop, distribute and promote SIMPLE technologies to help families and caregivers engage with seniors and others with cognitive impairments like Alzheimers. Our work evolved into developing systems and methods to help small communities and historical societies explore, preserve and share their common histories.
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