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Júlia Pontes

New York, NY
Júlia Pontés is a Brazilian/Argentinian photographer and personal photographic archive consultant currently living and working in NY. She holds Masters Degrees in Business from Sorbonne, Paris I and in Law and Economics - Public Policies from Universidad Torcuato di Tella, in Argentina. Photography didn’t become the main focus of her professional life until 2013, when, among other things, she inherited an important photographic analog archive that had been untouched for almost 20 years. That led her to pursue a strong photographic education at the International Center of Photography in New York, where she graduated in the general studies in photography and later became an Exhibition Coordinator and was a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography to the classes: “What is an archive” taught by Claudia Sohrens, “Digital Seminar”  and “Images and Ideas” taught by Fred RItchin, one of the greatest mind in contemporary digital image making. I addition to that, she was chosen as an Emerging Immigrant Artist by the New York Foundation for the Arts, where through a competitive process she has been chosen to attend a free mentoring program for artists with social practices. 
In 2016 an opportunity was presented to focus great part of her professional practices to archives. She started to help photographers and families to start thinking about their personal archives, both analog and digital. This work led to her current project on called “Saveit.Photo” where she tries to introduce the principles of personal  archive in the digital era to the general public. By spreading simplified archival techniques she aims to contribute to the conservation of photographs as they are, undoubtedly, an important element of the collective memory and family histories.
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